Thursday, October 16, 2008

Girls Weekend!!

Last weekend Kelsey, Hailey and I thought it would be fun to go and stay at Kelsey's apartment at Snow. We had so much fun. It was like old times again hanging out together. We wanted this to be a GIRLS ONLY weekend!! And which it was and it was a BLAST too. When we got up to Kelsey's apartment we had a dance party with Kelsey's roommates. Because of all our classes we are taking we were all stressed out, so if you every get stressed out eat hot tamales and skittles. Thanks to yearbook last year we learned that trick. Its a great stress reliever. It was so much fun spending the day with my two best friends. What more can I ask for with GREAT Friends like Hailey and Kelsey On Saturday Snow was having their homecoming game so we all decided to go to that. It was freezing cold so we went back to the apartment to warm up and take friend pictures. The weekend was so much fun, and we differently need to do it again. I just want to tell Kels and Hay THANKS so much for being GREAT Friends to me!!!


Bree and Jeff said...

Hi Hillary! I love your pictures of you and the girls. Brookie has the one of you and her wearing the sunglasses hanging in her bedroom! They miss you so much!! We really should find a day that they could come and play for a minute:) They would love to see you!!

* HaiBug * said...

THose were some fun times lol!!
I will never forget them!! I can't wait to do it again!! Thanks for always being there for me when I need you the MOST!! Thanks again!! Hope to see ya soon!


Shelly Marie said...

hey hillary! I miss your cute face! i love skittles and hot tamales. I miss yearbook it was really fun!
hope your having fun in NS without the awesome class of 08 =]

Adam and Dev said...

Hey Hillary- you have a cute blog! Mine is private, so if you want an invite, email me your address to

Thanks! :)

Brandi Jensen said...

Hi Hillary!!! I love all of those pictures you have of the girls. There is some on there i didin't even recognize them lol. They have changed alot,and alot more hair to. My address is