Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lately I have absolutely love taking random pictures and remembering all the fun memories!:)

Once I started college I think my journey really started. I have and will face many trials. Meet new people, enjoy new adventures and through all this I will have wonderful family and friends supporting me through this!:) Love you all!

I love these two!:) I love being an aunt and spoiling them!:) I have really enjoyed watching them learn new things! I can't wait until Baby Anderson and Baby Brown comes!!:)

My sisters are my best friends! I don't know what I would do without them! They have helped me with so much throughout my life and has taught me so much. We have had wonderful memories together and some very crazy moments too!:)  I am a very lucky girl to have Brit and Heather for my sisters! Thanks for everything and love you both!:)

 On my birthday I didn't have to work so Laura and I decided to take random pictures. Laura and I have so crazy moments together!:)
EASTERN UTAH EAGLES!!:) Our gang sign!:) I am loving college and all my classes I am taking this semester!

I have a great roommate! Through out the school year we have had some very interesting adventures!:) When I am having a bad day I know I can talk to Laura about anything. Thanks Laura for everything!:) "Hill-A-Ray" is an inside joke between us, when we are joking around.

Gangster!:) Haha I love Laura's face she looks shocked rather than trying to be a gangster!

We took this picture when we went to the rodeo together. I <3 RODEOS!!:) Our goal for this summer is to go to a lot of rodeos together!:)

For those who know me really well, they will know I am a big Derek Jeter fan! So for my birthday Laura got me a poster of him:) I was one happy girl when I opened it up!!:) Derek Jeter is a MAJOR HOTTIE!!!:) My dream is when I turn 21 instead of going to Vegas (like everyone else does) I am going New York to a Yankee's game and meet Derek Jeter!!;)