Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun Weekend!

So I haven't had time to blog alot. Last weekend school had just started and its fun but way busy. On Friday, we went to Logan to see Brit and Brandon and spend the weekend up there. Brandon and Brit took some pictures of me around Logan. It was alot of fun, my favorite pictures were the ones taken at the Logan Temple. It was so much fun being with them all weekend. And then we went to Lewiston to Elder Mickelsen's homecoming. He was one of Brandon's Missionary companions in Alabma. So it was alot of fun to see him and his family.

One Answer Quiz

1- Where is your cellphone?.... Pocket
2- Your Hair..... Blonde
3-Your Mother.... Loving
4- Your Father.... Awesome
5-Your favorite drink....Sprite
6-Favorite muffin.... Blueberry
7-Where you grew up?.... Salina
8-Your life.,.. Wonderful
9- Favorite Store.... Aeropostale
10-Your favorite color.... Purple

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Five and Ten Tag

Ten years ago.....
I was six years old, the summer before I went into 1st Grade with Mrs. Bills as my teacher. During the summer I would be playing with my little Sis Kemarie Jorgensen. We had been tending Kemarie since she was a baby so she was a lot like my little sister. Through out the years, we became so close with each other and had so much fun together. She will always be my little sister.

Five years ago.....
I was in the 6th Grade and loved it because I was finally in middle school and out of elementary. That meant I was growing up. But I did miss the recess part and still do. Sixth Grade was fun and I have lots of memories about it.

Five months ago.....
I was turning SWEET 16!!! And couldn't wait to get my drivers license. Also I was playing basketball on my high school team, and it was getting close to the end of our season. I made a lot of new friend while playing basketball.

Five things to do Tomorrow....
1- Volleyball Tryouts
3- Clean bedroom
4-Help around the house
5-Text my Friends

Five Bad Habits....
1-Having a bad attitude
2- Biting my fingernails
3-Texting too much
5-Being late for things

Five Places I have lived.....
1- Redmond
2- Salina
I haven't lived anywhere else.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Tell All- Olympic Spirit

I can't believe that the Olympics will start in almost three days. I still can remember when we went down to Moab to watch Britney run with the torch in 2002. It was close to mine and Brandon's birthday so with all our family down there we celebrated in the motel we stayed in. It also had snowed so when my cousins and I finally talked all our parents into letting us go outside and sit in the hot tub while it snowed. We played more in the snow making snow angels rather in keeping warm in the hot tub. I think the Olympics to make people come closer together. Because if you think about it people from all over the world come together as one nation. I can't wait to watch all the events on TV.

Girls Weekend

This last weekend the girls in my family had planned a weekend were we could all hang out and spend time together. While we was planning this Britney had a craft for us to do. The craft was wooden blocks which had different holidays saying on them. It was so much fun. While we was waiting for our craft to dry what more could you ask for then a FUN day of SHOPPING! We went shopping for my school clothes. And of course we bought more then what was on our shopping list. After a long day of shopping we had gone back to Brit's house and relaxed. Gavin could only handle just a few hours of shopping before he was ready to go home. The weekend was so much fun being with my sisters, mom and Gavin.

Britney, Heather, Gavin, Hillary and Mom

Heather waiting for her blocks to dry.

The blocks all finished.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Castle Valley Pageant

Last night, my mom and I went to Castle Dale to visit my dad over to Price. We went to the Castle Valley Pageant for a family night. I loved the pageant and I loved spending time with my mom and dad also. We spent the night in Price with my dad and then my mom and I was going to head up to Logan to have a girls weekend with Britney and Heather and Gavin too. The pageant was so much fun. The pageant was about how the pioneers came to settle the Castle Valley. It told how they had hard times and lost loves. It was really cool because a couple weeks ago I had gone on the Trek the Salina Stake had put on for us. I loved every minute of the Trek, even the hard times and the spiritual times it was a great experience. I had a great time at the pageant and being with my Family.

Mom and Dad in front of the dugout.

The wagon and pioneers coming to the valley.

At the beginning of the pageant, they have a flag ceremony for all the people who has served in the wars or is serving. Me and Dad in front of the dugout.

Getting ready to milk the cow.