Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girls Weekend

This last weekend the girls in my family had planned a weekend were we could all hang out and spend time together. While we was planning this Britney had a craft for us to do. The craft was wooden blocks which had different holidays saying on them. It was so much fun. While we was waiting for our craft to dry what more could you ask for then a FUN day of SHOPPING! We went shopping for my school clothes. And of course we bought more then what was on our shopping list. After a long day of shopping we had gone back to Brit's house and relaxed. Gavin could only handle just a few hours of shopping before he was ready to go home. The weekend was so much fun being with my sisters, mom and Gavin.

Britney, Heather, Gavin, Hillary and Mom

Heather waiting for her blocks to dry.

The blocks all finished.

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