Monday, September 27, 2010

Updates and College Life!:)

For Labor Day Weekend, Mom, Dad, and I went down to St. George and seen Tarzan at Taucahn. It was so much fun, the show was great! Tarzan is now my favorite play I have seen down there. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun weekend. You guys are amazing!! Love ya!
Jane, Me, and Tarzan

Me and one of the monkeys from the show

Young Tarzan and Me
 We went to Fishlake one weekend when I was home and had dinner at Bowery Haven. It was so pretty up there I love when the leaves are changing colors. Fall is my favorite season so I had to take pictures of the leaves. :)

Fishlake 2010
This deer was on the side of the road when we was heading home from Fishlake.

This is my favorite picture! I love the way the leaves look and how the sun is shining on them!:)
I have been in school for almost a month now and I am loving every minute of it!! I have met a lot of new people and made new friends. All my roommates are amazing and we all get along with each other, we still haven't had any time to take any Roommate Pictures. But we will get some soon!:) I love all my classes, I have learned so much in them and have enjoyed them. Only one problem, I still don't know what I am going out in, so as of right now I am just doing generals and hoping I will find out what I am going into soon! I have so had many adventures while here at College, these adventures include; playing in the fountain late at night, dances, walking in the Cemetery at night, and TRUE EAGLE!!:) The adventures are very fun and very random!:) I am sure there will be more great adventures waiting for us! True Eagle is where you kiss over the rock Gibby and than get a free shirt!:) So...... I am proud to say I'M A TRUE EAGLE!!!:)
For College Students, late nights are normal! And sometimes its not unusal for you to just crash whenever you get the chance. Me, Jessica and Nadine all on my bed.
TRUE EAGLES!!:) Me, Jessica, Laura, and Nadine
I started working at Tolley's Toddlers in Price on September 15th. I LOVE IT!!!:) The kids are so dang cute. I work three days a week and I am in the baby room. It works out perfect because I can go to work and not have to worry about homework and anything to do with school, just play with the kids and have fun. I love my job! Today one of the little babies I watch, took his first steps today!!:) We was all excited and so proud of him! Good Job Jag!:)
College has taught me a lot, I have learned to be more responsible, save money, be on time, and so much more. But one thing I have learned is that my family does a lot for me, I never knew how much they did for me until I got here to college. My Mom and Dad has helped and supported me, I am so grateful for them. Also my sisters and brothers (meaning in-laws too) has been supportive too! I love my family! Thanks guys for everything!:) I love spending time with you on the weekends when I come home!:)
We are always having lots of fun together! :)
My wonderful family!! Our family picture 2010