Friday, May 21, 2010

She's Somebody's Hero!!

Today was Girl's Day. The theme we had decided on was "She's Somebody's Hero." Once I heard the song from Jamie O'Neil I absolutely just LOVED it!! It became my favorite song!! It reminds me so much about my mom and all the things she has done for me! I'm so grateful to have a wonderful mom like mine!:) Girl's Day went great today!! The boys who helped us were great. They served our food and were escorts. They were great workers and did everything we asked them to do, it went very smoothly because they just took over and got the food out for the lunch very quickly! I'm going to miss all the FCCLA girls, I loved getting to know them and becoming close friends with all of them!! Thanks Mom, Brit, and Heathie for all your help! I have the best mom and sisters ever!!! Love ya lots!! Thanks Ms. Dexter for all your help! Thanks to everyone who helped me with everything this year with FCCLA!!

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