Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tag-You're it!

20 Years Ago. . .
1. I was an angel in the Heavenly Choir.

10 Years Ago...
1. I was six and in 1st Grade.
2. Had Mrs. Bills as my teacher.
3. Brandon and I was in the same school so we got to walk to and home from school.

5 Years Ago...
1. Getting ready to start young women's.
2. Just had started middle school.
3. Played Jr. Jazz Basketball and NS Rec. Volleyball

3 Years Ago...
1. I was thirteen and in eighth grade.
2. I played seventh and eighth grade basketball traveling team.
3. I couldn't wait until I started high school.

1 Year Ago...
1. I was the Vice President of FCCLA with one of my best friend Kelsey Nielson.
2. Was on the yearbook staff with all my friends.
3. Got my drivers licence
4. Played on the NS Basketball team.

So far this year I...
1. Started my Junior year in High School
2. Chased BOYS on main street with my two best friends Hailey and Kelsey!!!
3. Been Vice President for FCCLA with Bree'L Bosshardt
4. My best friends have gone off to collage :( but we still get to hang out on the weekends.
5. I am the manager for the volleyball team. I love every minute of it!!

Yesterday I...
1. Painted FCCLA window for Homecoming this week.
2. I went to my step-cousin Riley's weeding.
3. Went to my Grandma's House
4. I hung out with my Momma and Dad!!

Today I...
1. Went to church
2. Had fried ice cream :)
3. Updated my blog... Finally
4. Watched a movie with my Momma
5. Relax and getting ready for Homecoming Week!!

Tomorrow I will...
1. Of course go to school for most of the day!
2. Practice with the volleyball team.
3. Start off Homecoming Week

In the next year I will....
1. Starting my senior year at NSHS
2. Probably be working
3.Just living each day to the fullest.
I tag: Kemarie, Britney, Heather, and whoever wants to.

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Brandon and Britney said...

Sounds like you'll be a busy girl this week. But I'm glad you are having fun. Love you! See ya on Friday!