Friday, September 19, 2008

Nanny Hill

Last weekend, I went home with Heather, Carl, and Gavin so I could help Heather and Carl while they were getting things ready for Gavin's blessing. Heather said she needed a Nanny for the day so I was the lucky one who got to be Nanny Hill. Gav Man and I had so much fun together while Heather and Carl did the hard work. While Gavin and I relaxed and had fun playing together. Gavin's Blessing went great and Carl did a good job too. After the Blessing we went to Nephi fair ground to have lunch and take pictures. Carl's little nieces and nephews were there too and I just love playing with little kids. I played with all the little kids and had so much fun well what can I say, I'm still a little kid by heart. The weekend was fun being with all our friends and families. So Heather next time you need a Nanny for the weekend. Nanny Hill is just a phone call away :) I would love to play with Gav Man again.

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* HaiBug * said...

Hey Nanny Hill! :) Sounds like you had a fun weekend!! You I know you are a kid still at heart!! But your so much fun!! THanks for the awesome night Friday night I had a blast!! We will have to do it again!! Thanks for everything your the best!!! luv ya!!