Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Highway Partol Banquet

Last Wednesday Mom, Dad, Brandon and I all went to the Highway Patrol Banquet up in Ogden because Brandon was receiving a scholarship from them. We met Grandma and Grandpa Brown and Breeanna and Tanner up there too. We had dinner and a program by the Highway Patrol. My Grandpa Brown is a retired Highway Patrol so we get to go to the banquet with him. Before the dinner they had a Table of Honor set for the Highway Patrols who had lost their lives while in the serves. It was really neat to see all the things the Highway Patrol does for the community and everyone around them. I had a lot of fun and very proud of Brandon for getting the scholarship. Some of the pictures are kind of dark sorry.

Brandon at the banquet.

Dad, Brandon, and Mom

Me and Brandon, this is my all time favorite picture of us :)Grandma Brown, Brandon, and Grandpa BrownBreeanna, Tanner, and BrandonDad and Brandon Breeanna and me The 14 men the Table of Honor was set for.The Table of Honor each thing placed on the table had a special meaning to it.

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